Garments ERP

Garments ERP is one of the leading ERP solution provider, especially for Garments industries which is integrated with different modules that cover all the aspects of your Garments Business. This solution supports multi-currency and multi-location based operations. It aims at keeping track of all the activities including receiving an order from buyer, costing of order, resource planning, procurement of raw materials, production management, inventory management, import-export process, order reconciliation process etc. It’s also integrated with other modules of ERP including finance, accounts, HR, supply-chain etc. With this automated solution you can easily track your business activities and entire operations of your garments manufacturing process.


  1. Manage & integrate all aspects of the business key functions including: order entry, sample, IE, inventory, merchandising, production & Finance.
  2. Determination to achieve lower prices, better quality and quicker delivery, as a result, increase in confidence from business partners and buyers.
  3. Provides right information to the right people at the right time anywhere in the world, enabling you to improve productivity, enhance decision making capabilities and promote communication between co-workers, suppliers and buyers.
  4. Reduce and eliminate duplicate work and automate operational tasks to save time & cost.
  5. Turn the way of access information easy with proper confidentiality.
  6. Standardizes the manufacturing processes and improves quality within multiple business units across the company.

Main Modules of ERP Software:

  1. Administrative
  2. Commercial Management
  3. Mechanizing Management
  4. Production Management
  5. Inventory Management
  6. HR & Payroll Management
  7. Accounts Management
  8. MIS Reports

Commercial Management:

  1. Work Order
    • Yarn Purchase Requisition
    • Yarn Work Order
    • Dyes And Chemical Work Order
    • Spare Parts And Other Work Order
    • Stationary Work Order
    • Balk Yarn Allocation
  2. Export
    1. Sales Contract Entry
    2. Sales Contract Amendment
    3. Export LC Entry
    4. Export LC Amendment
    5. Export Invoice
    6. Doc. Submission to Buyer
    7. Doc. Submission to Bank
    8. Export Proceeds Realization

  1. Import
    1. Pro Forma Invoice
    2. BTB/Margin LC
    3. BTB/Margin LC Amendment
    4. Import Document Acceptance
    5. Import Payment
    6. Import LC Charges Entry

Production Management:

  1. Knit Composite
  2. Fabric Production
    1. Knitting Production
    2. Batch Creation
    3. Heat Setting
    4. Recipe Entry
    5. Dyeing Production
    6. Slitting/Squeezing
    7. Drying
    8. Compacting
    9. Special Finish
    10. Finish Fabric Production Entry
    11. Finish Fabric Delivery to Store
    12. Cause of Machine Idle
    13. Singeing
    14. Stentering
    15. Grey Roll Receive By Batch
    16. Fabric Requisition For Batch 2

  1. Garments Production
    1. Embellishment Receive Entry
    2. Sewing Input
    3. Sewing Output
    4. Production Scanning
    5. Ready To Sewing Entry
    6. Iron entry
    7. Packing And Finishing
    8. Buyer Inspection
    9. Actual Production Resource Entry
    10. Cutting Delivery To Input
    11. Garments Delivery Entry
    12. Cutting QC
    13. Singeing

Inventory System:

  1. Purchase Requisition
  2. Quotation Evaluation
  3. Gate Entry
    1. Gate In Entry
    2. Gate Out Entry
  4. Yarn Store
    1. Yarn Receive
    2. Yarn Issue
    3. Yarn Receive Return
    4. Yarn Issue Return
    5. Yarn Transfer Entry
    6. Yarn Order To Order Transfer Entry
  5. Grey Fabric Store
    1. Knit Grey Fabric Roll Receive
    2. Roll wise Grey Fabric Order To Order Transfer Entry
    3. Roll wise Grey Fabric Order To Sample Transfer
  6. Finish Fabric Store
    1. Knit Finish Fabric Receive
    2. Knit Finish Fabric Receive Return
    3. Knit Finish Fabric Issue
    4. Knit Finish Fabric Issue Return
    5. Woven Finish Fabric Issue
    6. Finish Fabric Order To Order Transfer Entry

  1. Dyes And Chemical Store
    1. Dyes And Chemical Receive
    2. Dyes And Chemical Issue Requisition
    3. Dyes And Chemical Issue
    4. Dye/Chem Receive Return
    5. Dye/Chem Issue Return
    6. Dyes Chemical Transfer Entry
  2. Trims Store
    1. Trims Receive Entry
    2. Trims Receive Return Entry
    3. Trims Issue
  3. General Store
    1. General Item Receive
    2. General Item Issue
    3. General Item Receive Return
    4. General Item Issue Return
    5. Service Acknowledgement

HR & Payroll:

  1. Recruitment
  2. Training and Development
  3. Time & Attendance and Payroll Management
  4. Perks & Benefits Management
  5. Internal Transfer & Shift Allocation
  6. Employee Self Service Management
  7. Full & Final Settlement

Accounting System:

  1. Chart of Accounts
  2. Budget
    1. Head wise Entry
    2. Cost Center wise Entry
  3. General Ledger
    1. Journal Entry
    2. Single Entry
  4. Accounts Receivable
    1. Sales Invoice Entry
    2. AR Adjustment
    3. Credit Note

  1. Accounts Payable
    1. Purchase Invoice Entry
    2. AR Adjustment
    3. Debit Note
  2. Recurring Journal
  3. Voucher Approved
  4. Integration Journal Acceptance
  5. Service Cost Allocation
  6. Transaction Synchronization
  7. Year Closing


  1. Order Tracking
    1. Sample Development
    2. Order Entry
    3. Color and Size Breakdown
    4. Budget
    5. Order Update Entry
    6. Copy Job
  2. Fabric Booking
    1. Main Fabric Booking
    2. Short Fabric Booking
    3. Sample Fabric Booking With order
    4. Sample Fabric Booking Without order
  3. Trims Booking
    1. Country and Order Wise Trims Booking
    2. Short Trims Booking
    3. Sample Trims Booking With Order
    4. Sample Trims Booking Without Order
    5. Job Wise Trims Booking

  1. Approval Tracking
    1. Sample Approval
    2. Lab Dip Approval
    3. Trims Approval
    4. Embellishment Approval
  2. Service Booking
    1. Fabric Service Booking
    2. Yarn Dyeing Work Order
    3. Embellishment Work Order
    4. Yarn Dyeing Work Order Without Order
    5. Service Booking V2

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